Refined Rapeseed (Canola) Oil

Product: Rapeseed (Canola) Oil (CRSO).

Type: Crude

Origin: Thailand, Turkey, ukraine, Russia.

Standards: Conform to International or National Standard.

Physical and Chemical Analysis Values: (The values may vary within standards)

Transparency: Transparent, a nobecula is possible.

Smell and Taste: Characteristic to rapeseed oil, without outside smell and taste.

Color Index, mg of Iodine: 85 maximum.

Acid Value, mg KOH/g: 4,0 maximum.

Peroxide Value, Mmol/kg: 10,0 maximum.

Moisture and Volatile Matter, %: 0,25 maximum.

Phosphorous Amount, %:: 0,76 maximum.

Erucic Acid: 5,0 maximum.

Flash Point, °С: 230oC minimum.

Not Fat Admixtures, %: 0,15 maximum.

Packing: Bulk in ship or flexi tank (flexi bag).

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